Best A/C Party Halls and Banquet Halls

Best A/C Party Halls and Banquet Halls

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AIYAVOOHALL We are one of the best party halls located in Aminjikarai nearby by Anna nagar.  We have 3 type of halls which can be accommodate from 50 people to 500 people.


Type of Birthday Party Halls.

  1. 50 People Birthday Party Halls
  2. 50 to 100 people Halls
  3. 100 to 200 people Banquet Halls
  4. 200 to 300 people Mini Halls
  5. 200 to 500 people Big Halls

Birthday party Hall Facilities:

  1. Parking 100 cars and 200 Two wheelers to part in a open spacious place.
  2. Located in Aminjikarai Bus Stop (old lakshmi theatre complex)
  3. 24 Hours power backup for the uninterrupted power supply.
  4. Low maintenance charge compare to other places.
  5. We charge very reasonable based on the no of people.
  6. We allow for pure vegetarian only. Non-vegetarian not allowed cooking or serving in the complex.

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Birthday party Function Hall Location:


          AiyavooHall Located in Aminjikarai Bus stand (old Lakshmi theatre complex), nearby from Anna nagar just 1 k.m distance. 

          Hall located from 300 meter distance from the Shenoy Nagar Metro Railway station.

          From Koyambedu Bus stand would be 3.0 Kilo Meter and just 10 min travelling by car or bus.

          Located in the main road itself, Very Easy to identify the Birthday Function place.


Birthday party Hall Charge


          We charge very reasonable cost for the Birthday parties.  Since he hall can accommodate 50 people to 600 people we can different category for cost. Please contact us to get the best price.   But we guarantee for the best price at our place compare to other halls or banquet hall in hotels.  We assure you the Lowest price with the Best place for any functions.


Birthday party hall Functions


  1. Pre Wedding:

A. Engagement Ceremony

Indian marriages are involve in more traditions and grand,  If not the function may not be at the level.   Our function venue most suited for Engagement functions.    The hall’s capacity 100 to 500  people accommodate for any size of engagement.

B. Mehendi Ceremony

 The Bride family celebrates the Mehendi ceremony in a grand manner with traditional way.  Since the Mehendi ceremony is the very important function before the wedding. All the relatives and friends attending the function to encourage the bride with the family.  We have our in our interior designer to make the place decorated beautiful  exclusively for the Mahendi ceremony.

C. Sangeet Ceremony

Indian marriages are more with entertainment than decorations.  Sangeet ceremony is the most important and joyful ceremony for all category people likes children to old people.  Most important about this function is union of 2 likeminded heart.  Not only for the bride or broom, but the lifetime commitment for the both families celebrate the same with the music and dance along with the relatives and friends.

D. Tilak Ceremony

The most important function is Tilak cenemony.  For traditional hindu family Tilak ceremony is the most auspicious function.  Celebrating tilak ceremony will be vary from different state to state.

E. Reception Ceremony

Hindu wedding function will be  long process starting from Engagement,  Mahanadi Ceremony,  Sangeet ceremony ending with Reception before marriage .   Most of the Reception will be done the day before the marriage day.   But Due the available of marriage halls some people may have the reception on the same day on the marriage day.  Then it may come in the post wedding ceremony.

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Be it traditional or about technological, the city is approaching up with Birthday occasions and events all-around the year. With a noteworthy position in the history and in addition a ground-breaking notoriety in this advanced specialized world, the festivals in Chennai are of varying degree running from the wedding functions to fabulous gathering parties. Seeing this, a portion of the best wedding place to enable you to sort out your occasion with relish.

What makes our Birthday party Halls special?

Preserving advancement and conventionality, function halls is one of its kind. From our wonderful style to the enticing infra, teamed up with an effective staff and inventive organizers, parties halls owners are very much prepared to deal with every kind of occasion. Birthday Halls gives a space that is agreeable and where visitors can come without much of a stress and having cheerfulness and cherishing the beauty of the occasion.

Birthday party Halls for Marriage Functions

Halls are all around equipped with all the necessities of a modern Birthday. With the best of everything from food to decoration to stylistic layout, to entertainment, we are a completely furnished group of gathering organizers, who are very much aware of the significance of your day. Not only your wedding, all the pre and post wedding game plans could likewise be met at our venue effectively.

In celebrating events, influencing visitors to feel welcome and organizing effective occasions. This forms a part of the pride and portrays an image and picture in the best way. Finding a decent scene to direct occasions and events turn into the hardest task. Not all function halls might be up to your desires, at any rate inside the city. If you are searching for a modern, eye-catchy venue, you need to find out effectively.

Birthday party halls specialize in occasions have:

  • Birthday Halls
  • Bethoral halls
  • Farewell party hall
  • Engagement & wedding hall
  • Anniversary function hall

Therefore, Mahal situated in Chennai. The exceptional partyhall is the awesome venue for all birthday, engagement, farewell, graduation and Betrothal functions indeed.

Birthday Party hall venue in Anna Nagar

Let’s get this straight away, with fewer people, without much expense, you can choose your dream destination. Sometimes couples reject the concept of a Party because the list of guests is too long for many people to pay. By comparison, an intimate wedding lets you choose the most beautiful hall destination and refine your Birthday memories!

Birthday Party Hall Venue at your Budget in Anna Nagar

Most couples are prohibited from having great Indian Party because of their financial circumstances. For fact, there are people who would like their closest relatives on the big day near them. An intimate Birthday is a lovely affair in either case! Our real passion is hassle-free and fun event planning in Hall!

Why Birthday Party Hall Venue in Anna Nagar is important

Once the list is drawn up, choose the hall venue. From a garden Birthday party to an extravagant Birthday , you can experience the places. Because the number of guests is low, you will enjoy the best function planners. And, according to your specifications, you will recommend to them what you want.

Looking for Birthday Party hall venue in in Near Anna Nagar

weddings, while you look for years, are something that will always be unforgettable. All want to be the best birthday party they’ve ever seen their marriage or any other feast! Each couple has the vision of a special and exclusive function. The marriage hall venue is one of the key things to consider for a festival. There is plenty of thinking to choose the marriage hall.

Birthday Party Halls Reviews:

**** Good place for small functions,  Easy access location,  Parking would be best to park with more than 100 cards.

– Suriya Narayanan, Arumbakkam.

***** Place located in Aminjikarai  – which is centrally located.  Has parking for about 80 to 120 cars.

– Saravanan, Korattur.

*****  One big marriage hall with 750 people capacity and 1 party hall with 250 people capacity.  Nice location,  Got good discount on rates.

– Sugumaran, Sri Nagar.

***** Best hall for the small functions,  Good Air conditioned with  Power Backup.  Parking facility A+++.

 – Ramachandra Naidu, Aminjikarai

***** I recently attended the anniversary party in the mini Hall,  Looks very nice, Good Interior design.  Nice parking in the main location aminjikarai.

– Sri chandar Aiyavoo Naidu colony.

***** Very convenient place for any type of small functions like anniversary party, Engagement and others,  Very polite staff to explain in details.

– Suresh Chakravarthy, Arumbakkam.

***** Spacious Hall to accommodate 250 people  in main place Aminijikarai Bus stand,  Located nearby Shoney nagar Metro Railway station.

– Divya Kolathur.

*****  Well maintained party hall  (newly builded) Safe and vast partking place located in Aminjikarai. 

– Hem Charan, Kilpauk.

***** Nice party Hall,  Good for budget functions.

 – Ganesh, Aminjikarai.

***** Best party Hall in Aminjiakarai and Anna Nagar Area.  Parking available for 100 cars.

– Karuppaswamy, Anna Nagar

***** Nice place for any family function with 100 to 250 no;s

 – Saravanan Mohan, Purasawalkam.

***** Found the best marriage venue for any small function.  Very affordable cost for the main location.

 – Dhakshina Kumaresan,  Egmore.


***** Highly recommended function place for the home functions like Birthday, betrothal,  Engagement, Mehendi, Sangeet and Tilak.  Best place for the jain festivals.

– Suresh Jain, Parrys, Chennai.

****  I have attended the small function in the mini function hall, Really very good interior decoration.  Highly recommended place.

 – Sunita kumar, Arumbakkam.

**** Nice parking place with more than 100 cars can be parked.

 – Namasivayam,  Choolaimedu.

***** Good place for Birthday and small functions.  Cpacity from 200 to 500 different halls available.

 – Chakrabani, Adyar.

***** Very low cost for the luxury function hall.

 – Suresh Krishna, Kolathur.

Party halls in Nungambakkam for betrothal

Party halls in Nungambakkam for betrothal


Betrothal Party Halls in Anna Nagar

Most couples choose to discover a marriage site a half year to one year before the betrothal party halls in nungampakkam halls. Before you start, approach your loved ones for proposals about potential scene areas.

Betrothal party halls rates in Chennai

Likewise, go to marriage appears, which can help guide you the correct way. The web can likewise be an extraordinary halls to begin your examination before arranging your wedding and betrothal  party.

Pre-Betrothal Party Ceremony Halls

Picking the ideal engagement office is critical assignment for all couples intending to get married. Before settling on an area, ensure you visit different offices and choose what you need at your pre-marriage and betrothal ceremony halls.


Betrothal Party halls cost in Anna nagar

Take notes on exceedingly critical data and inquiries that may emerge while taking a gander at the scenes. Compose a rundown of the considerable number of things you need at your betrothal halls site, for example, a view or a gazebo.

Capacity Of Betrothal Party halls in Aminjikarai

Where do you need the engagement to be found? Many couples got hitched in a congregation, betrothal party halls or at home halls. Others may get hitched on a shoreline, stop or other open site, which may require allows or licenses.

Betrothal Party halls booking in aminjikarai

In the event that you get hitched at an office, try to ask to what extent it hosts been doing party gatherings and what number of customers they serve. There are numerous alternatives for marriage settings, so take some real time to contemplate the sort of pre-marriage and betrothal ceremony that will make you both feel uncommon.

Budget Betrothal Party Hall in Aminjikarai

Ensure you build up a financial plan for your betrothal party. Are there any concealed expenses that the setting may charge? Comprehend the agreement and furthermore comprehend the cancellation stores appended to each agreement. Many select to have a do-it-without anyone else’s help to spare expenses, particularly on the off chance that you have family and companions.

Betrothal Party Halls Innovative ideas

A few couples might need to make a unique topic or feeling at their pre-marriage party halls. What are your interests? You need to ensure your occasion is exceptional and extremely extraordinary to you and your promised.

Halls for Betrothal Party cultures 

There are offices and betrothal party halls that will help sort out the majority of the subtle elements of your function and gathering. They will help you with everything, running from the clothing to the adornments and specialists.

Betrothal Party Halls decoration in Kilpauk

Truth be told, you ought not overlook that you are arranging a betrothal party to pay tribute to your recently gained conjugal status, so keep your accomplice’s party thoughts into thought when arranging your uncommon day.

Shading of the betrothal Party halls

You may even observe that your significant other to-be’s entertainment ideas are far superior than yours. Truth be told, men tend to think of some extremely unique function idea while ladies, presumably in light of the fact that they long for their ideal entertainment since earliest stages, have a tendency to be somewhat conventional.

Betrothal Party halls decorators in Kilpauk

Presently, even the most customary entertainment can be spiced up with a couple of betrothal party and wedding ideas. For instance, you might need to pick a topic that both you and your accomplice are eager about and afterward let your brains ponder and expand a couple of wedding thoughts.

Bridal Betrothal Party Halls decoration

The most troublesome part will offer shape to your entertainment ideas as to transform them into reality. You may even ask your loved ones to give you some weddings or Betrothal thoughts and, should you like any of them, request that they enable you to arrange your unique day.

Betrothal Party halls arrangements

There are additionally locales accessible on rental premise that will give you things, for example, tables, flatware and crystal. Or, then again you can make a course of action with the food providers and different merchants to help with the wedding or betrothal.

Betrothal Shower event Party Halls

On the off chance that it’s critical to you, see whether they have an in-house wedding facilitator or offer marriage bundles. On the off chance that you design not to incorporate youngsters in the betrothal function, you might want to mastermind a watching.

While choosing your scene, ensure you and you’re pledged visit every single potential setting and discover one where you feel good.

Once you’ve settled on a place, the office ought to send you an agreement which you should sign and date. The agreement will plot all guarantees and certifications. Read all through the agreement and ensure you comprehend everything.

On the off chance that you have any inquiries or remarks, you should get back to the office and converse with the executive. Regularly you have a couple of days to analyze the agreement and ensure you maintain a strategic distance from concealed astonishments for the halls.

It is difficult settling on a unique halls place for one of the greatest occasions throughout your life. Ensure you recognize what you need from the scene and comprehend the agreement altogether.

Perfect Betrothal party Halls Aminjikarai

Serene, spacious, comfortable–is it not as you would like to be your kalyana mandapam? Betrothal party Halls Venue is designed to give your big day a perfect blend of cultural attractions and a plush element. We will help you host the best Betrothal party, no matter whether you are planning a little romantic affair with your loved ones or a big celebration.

Power Backup Generator in Betrothal party Halls Aminjikarai

High elevation ceilings and well lit, LED screen acoustically equipped Hallss make it a flexible space for all your ideas. The facility offers a large secure parking area, multiple lift facilities and escalators, and additional security for CCTV cameras in Betrothal party Halls Venue.

Modern Interior Betrothal party Halls Aminjikarai

The interior of our Betrothal party Halls Venue is softly designed to match the gathering. You will encounter a rich mix of cultural and luxurious elements that makes it an ideal venue for festivities of all kinds in Chennai. We know how important it is for you this day. Therefore, with real personalization, we give you world-class services.

Betrothal party Halls Aminjikarai decoration

Usually, the decorations are flawed in order that they can be viewed without a great deal. If you choose a subject for your wedding, the decoration should be as shown by the topic at this stage. ballons, Flowers, and lights are some simple decorative elements in halls. Nevertheless, creativity takes them to a different level.

Betrothal party Halls Aminjikarai decoration

Reception is an aspect of your family day, particularly after your Betrothal party Banquet, when you enjoy dinner together with your guests. It is important to remember a few things when searching the fair Hallss of your home. This is a significant part of your marriage in Halls Venue.

Farewell Party halls in kilpauk

Farewell Party halls in kilpauk


Farewell Party halls in Kilpauk

For your daughter who cleared her way to another world, it is essential to make the goodbye service a paramount one. Here are some approaches to make the Farewell Party event a passionate one halls in Kilpauk.

Make The Most Extraordinary Farewell Party Halls Kilpauk

Unmarried young ladies in the fall wedding sit tight frantically for the farewell party bunch to be tossed at them. One who gets the bundle is viewed as fortunate. Guarantee the bundle is splendid, beautiful and brimming with aroma. Make utilization of silk strips and silver sparklers for an outlandish look in Kilpauk Halls.

Give It An Individual Touch for farewell Party Halls in Kilpauk

Amass all the nearby relatives and buddies to give a good fortunes discourse. It would make her vibe more associated. Furthermore, the exceedingly inwardly charged disposition will get stifled by the mixtures of silliness in farewell party halls in Kilpauk.

Farewell Party halls rates in Kilpauk, Chennai

Farewell party halls available various prices in Kilpauk. A few buddies can likewise volunteer to peruse out wedding sonnets on life and responsibility. 2

Pre Farewell Party Ceremony in Kilapuk Halls

Clear the congregation exhibition and leave path with blooms for fall farewell halls in kilpauk. Guarantee the blooms young ladies are sprinkling blossoms and froth splash on the recently married couple. For the couple, it ought to symbolize a blushing way.

Farewell Party halls cost in Kilpauk

Recollections last more and for the lady of the hour, it makes a difference the most. Blessing her a pleasantly encircled montage of family photos. It ought to have pictures spreading over from her nappy days to the meeting and past. farewell party halls cost is consider less in kilpauk

Capacity Of Party halls in Kilpauk

Give the experts a chance to assume a lower priority. Give the relatives a chance to finish the farewell auto with the most fascinating fall blooms accessible. Look at the flower specialists for assortments of fall blooms like sunflowers and orchids. Do remember that the blossoms should remain new for longer hours in party halls in kilpauk.

Party halls booking in Kilpauk

In that capacity, planning your unique day at the corridor must be done well ahead of time however simply after the accompanying components are considered party halls in kilpauk:

Budget Farewell Party halls in Kilpauk

With regards to space, two perspectives must be viewed as: One, does the farewells halls offer spaces for your party and function, or anyway you intend to utilize the office; and two, does it suit all visitors in kilpauk?

Farewell Party Innovative ideas in Kilpauk

In this way, before you select a space only for its appearance, choose, in the first place, in case you’re searching for a solitary area for your function and farewell party halls. Comfort savvy, this expels bearing cards and keeps all visitors in a single place. If not, consider if the space is sufficiently adequate for either part of your extraordinary day.

Farewell Party halls arrangements in Kilpauk

Alongside reason, set up together your list of attendees already. Along these lines, you’ll know whether the party halls can sit 100 – or 500 – people in kilpauk.

Shading of the Party halls in Kilpauk

Why hold your wedding on a scenery of dreary visuals? The times of planning a day at a VFW farewell halls or in your own terrace are a distant memory, and rather, subjects prevail.

Halls for farewell Party and wedding in Kilpauk

For a spring wedding, for example, search for a farewell party halls with lovely grounds of grass and plants; for fall, perceive how the foliage of encompassing trees upgrades the view. Notwithstanding for a winter wedding, consider a halls with an amazing sight of the outside – ideally of grounds shrouded in snow and ice.

Farewell Party halls decorators in Kilpauk

In the event that the farewell party is being held at the wedding halls in kilpauk, an outside cooking staff can be acquired – yet an office with its own culinary experts and menus is absolutely a reward. Check around for supper and office bundles, and in the event that you find such a mix, ask about menu arranging and nourishment tasting.

Farewell Party decoration halls in Kilpauk

In case you’re arranging headings from the service to the farewell party or just giving a course from all major roadways around an area, you need a halls that visitors can without much of a stretch find kilpauk. Calls about headings on your big day or visitors coming 15 minutes late crash designs and may even reason an upsetting vibe. For comfort, consider how level out-of-towners will have the capacity to get to the corridor, and select an area that even the slightest comfortable can discover effortlessly.

Makeup artist in farewell party Hall kilpauk

Finding a right provider for your event or project can be a daunting process and more than anyone, we understand it well. That’s why the largest Hall venue in Kilpauk has provided you with a list of the best make-up artists to hire for the best parties. We view each wedding wedding as special and we know that each farewell party is unique and our make-up services are that suit their style.

Event Planners in farewell party Hall kilpauk

We are happy to offer the service of Chennai’s best planner for your birthday or other farewell party at halls in Kilpauk . You are asking for birthday and the theme of the office, you have! You ask, you’ve got the wedding games! You are demanding decorations for parties at an affordable price.

Farewell party Hall kilpauk – Hire Local Decorators

It’s a beautiful farewell party Hall Venue in Kilpauk , filled with the right ingredients to make everyone happy on their birthday and make the customers lovely and relaxed. Because birthdays can only be celebrated once a year, everyone should make the most of what they can afford and need, rather than beautiful flowers, lights or balloons and color paper or all of them.

Easy Payment Method farewell party Hall in kilpauk

The priest farewell party you’ll ever throw into your life is probably your wedding in Kilpauk . You can easily say that you are going to stay on a budget, but at the end of the day your food and catering costs could be far more than you expected. Whether the budget will be broken up is important to understand. It’s no insurmountable thing to save for the wedding Hall Venue.

Hygine food in farewell party Hall kilpauk

Separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian kitchens are well designed to provide your guests with delicious food. farewell party halls are a perfect place to create memories. As one of in Kilpauk’s most luxurious wedding halls, we blend artistic style with local art and culture to create an unforgettable wedding experience for our guests. [/wr_text][/wr_column][/wr_row]